Flowers are nature’s purest most intricate, delicate but complex manifestation. Every single flower that forms with its colour, shape and fragrance embodies a particular and very unique quality. 
Contact with a flower can help one realise the quality it represents, if you really focus and feel its energy, it gives rise to a certain experience with its unique vibration.
Every species of flower posses’s a certain presence, which shines through the transparency of vegetal life and gives them their inexpressible splendour.
Orchids are a bringer of wealth, health, and all the good things in life, they also have the power to make you feel more calm, relaxed, and optimistic. They have been known to serve as a very useful aid in meditation, to help one experience higher and purer states of consciousness and develop higher aspects of the personality.
Oil on canvas framed in beechwood  165cm x 68cm 2011