• Claire Banks

Signs, Symbols - Stars

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Over the years my work has often contained symbolic images. They offer perhaps messages of a spiritual nature. I have recently created a series of charcoal and pastel portrait drawings, all of which contain images (or symbols) of stars. Throughout history stars have represented divine guidance, guardianship and hope. They are a symbol of wisdom and spiritual guidance. Seen as a metaphor of the light of wisdom shining through the darkness of ignorance. In many cultures stars are linked with destiny and act as a gateway to the divine realm.

In my drawings the stars represent the overcoming of negative thought processes and complex mental or emotional challenges. The stars appear to encourage our focus to a meditative state beyond the fluctuations of unhelpful mental chatter, so we can access a lighter space beyond worldly conflicting troubles. Ultimately these drawings remind us to watch our thoughts and observe the space beyond. The stars exist in a lofty place in the universe, surely then, from this perspective it would enable us to see and experience life with more clarity.

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