• Claire Banks

Infinite space

Updated: Jan 10

We never ‘get over’ or ‘move on’ from trauma, We are forced to make space for it, carry it and learn to live with it and sometimes we thrive in spite of it.

This winged figure is learning to harness her power, she’s a bearer of light beginning to understand her darkness and what she can do with it - the light that she can emanate from within. Bending rules and energy in a way that’s cleansing and transformative. There is darkness in the work, but its intentional, it’s a darkness where there is safety and the void becomes infinite space, a place to understand it and move forward.

Real healing is hard, exhausting and draining, but letting yourself go through it and feeling the pain brings beauty. It’s not about trying to paint anything other than what it is, and then you gradually watch your scars turn into wings.

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